You can create your menus from Perth Chef Hire’s current offerings, or enquire about a fully tailored menu designed specifically for your event.

Dinner Party Catering Australia

Sit Down Dinner Menus

Depending on the number of guests and courses required to service your event, our dinner party catering menus run for approximately 3 – 4 hours, and we typically arrive 1 – 2 hours prior to first course served.

Standing Cocktail Party & Finger Food Menus

Depending on the number of guests and canapes required to service your event, our cocktail party and finger food catering menus run for approximately 3 – 4 hours, and we typically arrive 1 – 2 hours prior.

Finger Food Seafood Menus with Perth Chef Hire
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What sort of food do we do?

You can choose from a range of menu items currently on offer with Perth Chef Hire. Click here to open our current menu.

Our dinner party menus and services can be specifically designed for:

And staff parties

As well as…

Seasonal festivities
Regional or international culinary themes
Michelin or Hatted restaurant experiences
Cooking classes

The list goes on…

What do we provide with our packages?

Everything but the kitchen sink! No honestly!!

We provide the following for your home chef experience:

Cutlery for each course
Personalised menus for you and your guests
Individual dietary needs
Serving equipment
Plates and/or platters
Wait staff (if required)
And cleaning products

If there is something not listed here all you need do is ask.  We may be able to help 🙂

Oh! And did I mention that we leave your kitchen spotless too? Our Public liability insurance policy also insures your piece of mind for breakages or spillages. So next time you’re thinking about what you’re going to do for that special occasion. Think PERTH CHEF HIRE.

How much do we charge typically?

Perth Chef Hire rates and charges vary greatly with every event. But we do have a price structure to fit most peoples needs for party catering at home. You can find out more about dinner party packages and pricing by clicking here. Or send us an enquiry and we’ll send you out an info pack. ENQUIRE NOW

Require wait-staff as well?

No problem. We can wait on you hand and foot with our professional an attentive front of house team. Just let us know how many people you’re inviting & we’ll let you know the appropriate amount of staff you’ll need to service your event. Make an enquiry.

Perth Chef Hires menus are seasonal in nature. If our current menu doesn’t suit your dinner party catering theme, or the time of year you wish to book for. You needn’t stress. We can fully tailor a menu to suit your event, whether it be a wintry warm meal and dessert combination, to a vibrant collection of summer dishes. Just ask when you make your enquiry.

You become the perfect host when you choose to cater your dinner party with Perth Chef Hire

I’m confident that we at PERTH CHEF HIRE, are the fussiest of people when it comes to “eating out”. That’s because when Ashlee and I dine out ourselves, or hire a chef for a dinner party we want value for money and a dining experience we’ll never forget.

In my experience, ‘value for money’ generally equates to being satisfied with not just the quality of the food and service, but the quantity also. At PERTH CHEF HIRE, we unquestionably provide all of the above. Amazing food. Amazing service AND, a full belly.

” When we design and prepare your menu, we prepare it as if we were going to eat it ourselves. As if we were sitting down to eat with you! Every element of a dish and its components, are tried and tasted to ensure perfect balance and harmony throughout. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to experience it for yourself one day.” 

Chef Brett Gilbert

Private Chef Hire for Home Party Catering Personal Chef