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“When we design and prepare your menu, we prepare it as if we were going to eat it ourselves. As if we were sitting down to eat with you! Every element of our dishes and their components, are tried, tasted and pre-plated to ensure perfect balance and harmony throughout. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to experience it for yourself one day.”

Brett Gilbert

Personal Chef Hire

There’s no need to cook because hiring a personal chef for a home dinner party, event or special occasion couldn’t be easier with PERTH CHEF HIRE. We offer the finest private chef hire, dinner party & cocktail party catering Perth has to offer. Our food will leave your taste buds amazed, your mind free from stress, your kitchen clean and your guests raving about you and the incredible party they just attended in your home or venue.

What sets us apart from other private chef hire services in Perth

Because Ashlee & I are foodies ourselves, we’re often dining at Perth’s best restaurants to see how we stack up against the competition. We’re adamant at PCH that we’re Perth’s best mobile restaurant. As you’ll discover, the next time you book with us, we bring the best of the Perth food scene, right to your door. At PERTH CHEF HIRE we understand you want value for money and a dining experience you’ll never forget. We understand that sometimes, you pay a bit more for your ‘foodie’ experience and sometimes you pay a bit less. I think though, as diners, we’re all looking for the same thing aren’t we? Value for money coupled with exceptional service? At PERTH CHEF HIRE, we unquestionably provide all of the above. Amazing food. Amazing service AND, a full belly.

How It All Started

Owning my own restaurant was never on my wish list in the 20 some years that I’ve been cooking professionally. I had, however, desired a platform where I could be my own boss; exercising my own artistic licence and passion for modernist cuisine without the constraints of the modern kitchen. So, after a few years of deliberating about the idea of being a private chef – PERTH CHEF HIRE was born.I became a chef after being offered a job by a close friend at Margaret Rivers old faithful – The Settlers Tavern. There, I would flip burgers and steaks during the day and surf every minute in-between. I’ve spent most of my life cooking in the South West region of Western Australia. I honed my skills as a chef there, working in the bistro’s and wineries for which it’s so plentiful. It was to be to be the foundation for which my attitude towards excellence now firmly rests upon.Today, my vision for PERTH CHEF HIRE is to bring the “MICHELIN STAR” experience to the home diner. That can be a challenge at times with with a domestic kitchen so we’re very flexible with the type of catering and service we can provide in one’s home. But, if I were to say what we excel at, it’s that we aim be the best restaurant in Perth, only, that it’s in your home. That’s our vision at PERTH CHEF HIRE

Private Catering

Our Passion Becomes Your Experience

A bit more about the creator of Perth Chef Hire –  Chef Brett Gilbert:

I’ve been a chef for some 20 years, and have worked all over the wonderful state of Western Australia. My partner Ashlee and I fashioned PERTH CHEF HIRE to share our love of dinner party catering and cocktail party catering with you the people of Perth. We can provide you and your guests with an unrivalled private chef hire service in the comfort of your home or chosen venue. Some of the notable establishments we’ve been a part of prior to creating PERTH CHEF HIRE include:

The Royal Fremantle Golf Club
Post Restaurant The COMO Perth
Mandoon Estate Swan Valley Perth
Chef De Home Perth Region
Palmers Winery Dunsborough
Cape Lodge Margaret River WA

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