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Perth Chef Hire is WA’s Finest At Home Dinner Party Catering and Private Chef Hire Service

We don’t do “simple” – or “bbq’s” – or “spit roast” at Perth Chef Hire, (although we could). We “do” refined home dinner party and cocktail party catering that BLOWS YOUR MIND! That’s right! We’re going to BLOW YOUR MIND with our food and service! We actually believe it’s our job to make you incapable of talking too. We’d prefer you moan and salivate instead. That’s how we know that we’ve done our jobs. So please, no talking while you’re eating, (it’s kinda rude anyway) but instead, let our passion, become your experience with Perth Chef Hire

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Our services

Dinner Party Catering Australia

At Home Dinner Party Catering

Dinner party catering and chef hire perfect for that special birthday party, anniversary, engagement, milestone or corporate dinner or lunch

Private Party Catering Perth Western Australia

High-End Party & Event Catering

Engagement, birthday, corporate, event, milestone, hens, bucks and private party catering for private functions and large groups

Personal Private Chef Hire Service Perth Western Australia

Personal or Private Chef Hire Perth

Personal and private chef hire for exceptional catering and service in the comfort of your own home or chosen venue

Engagement Wedding Reception Home House Catering

Faultless Home Wedding Catering

We specialise in home wedding reception party catering and engagement parties of a high end nature

Our Passion Becomes Your Experience
No messy kitchen. No baby sitter required. Enjoy the company of your friends and family by hiring a personal chef to cater your next party at home

Hire a Chef For The Night

Perth Chef Hire offers the finest home dinner party catering, finger food, canape, private chef hire and wait staff hire service for home dinner parties and events in Perth. Our focus is on our food, our service and the success of your event, no matter how big or small