Feast and Share Style Menus

Feast and Share style menus with Perth Chef Hire Party catering service

About our share style menus

”When we design and prepare your feast or share style menu, we prepare it as if we were sitting down to party or eat with you! Every element of our dishes and their components, are tried, tasted and pre-plated in our test kitchen, to ensure perfect balance and harmony throughout. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to experience our tried and trusted private chef hire and dinner party catering services”.

Brett Gilbert 

Perth Chef Hire 

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Feast and Share Style Menus




$120 p.p

Does not include staff hire



Bread Rolls and Butter to start

Entrees Plated (please choose one)

Pressed pork hock, apple and lemon grass glaze, thai salad, nouc cham

Chang mai chicken salad

Wagyu beef carpaccio, pickled shitake, black garlic, horseradish, shiso, mustard seed

Yellow sour curried whole baked fish with jungle salad

Beef tataki, ginger, ponzu, wasabi, furikake, shiso

Birds nest corn fritters, nam jim and coconut salad

Mains (please choose three) comes with sides listed underneath the protein

Braised Pork Belly

Caramelised ginger and shallot dressing, mixed basil salad and noodle

Massaman of Duck

Roast sweet potato, kaffir lime scented rice, roast cashews and Thai aromats

Star Anise Tamarind and Kaffir Lime Glazed Chicken Maryland

Chinese New Year Salad

5 Spiced and Lemon Myrtle Tasmanian Salmon

5 spiced fennel, lemon and potato salad

Chinese Braised Beef Shin

Cinnamon and Cassi fried rice

Issan Roast Curried Pumpkin

Bean shoot, shallot, coriander, kaffir lime vinaigrette

Petit Fours

Yuzu and Camembert Croute

5 Spice Crème’

Steamed ginger cake