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Perth Chef Hire’s Terms & Conditions, Terms of Service & Booking Information

Thank you for choosing to celebrate your special event with Perth Chef Hire.

Definitions: Perth Chef Hire (PCH), Booking Form (BF), Terms & Conditions (T&C’s), Terms of Service Policy (TOS)

At Perth Chef Hire we care about your safety (not only physically but financially). And wish to ensure you not only receive the best service possible from PCH, but are protected from any food borne illnesses relating to the incorrect storage or consumption of food items (post PCH service); or forfeiture of monies relating directly to deposits or payments made to PCH for booking deposits and/or instalments due.

To ensure you are protected, we would like you to align yourself with PCH’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Terms of Service Policy’ for reasons stated above and below. Please take a moment to carefully read the T&C’s and TOS stated in this document. Once read, and agreed upon, please return a signed copy of the BF, (which you can obtain on request) via email or digital correspondence along with a twenty percent (20%) deposit which will intern secure your date and booking with PCH.

Upon PCH receiving a signed copy of PCH’s T&C’s and TOS a temporary event date will be held for seven (7) days. If the deposit has not been received within seven (7) days of PCH receiving a signed copy of PCH’s T&C’s and TOS booking form, the date maybe re-allocated to other interested parties.

How to confirm your booking and secure your date?

  • A 20% deposit of the quoted price is required to secure the date of your event based on either the agreed menu and approximate guest numbers or general quotation provided by PCH
  • Deposit must accompany a signed T&C’s and TOS  form via email or digital correspondence
  • For cancellations and refunds please refer to our cancellation policy below


Final Payments are due within 7 days prior to the event date as well as:

  • Final confirmation of guest numbers (including the host)
  • Confirmation of the final menu, any menu changes and all dietary requirements must be agreed upon by this time
  • Final payment is due based on the final numbers and agreed menu option 

Please note:

  • Reductions in numbers (within the 7 days before your event) will not result in any refunds or a reduction of the quoted event cost within this time
  • An increase in numbers (max 20 extra guests for  canape and cocktail party catered events) and (max 4 extra guests for sit down dinner parties and degustation’s) can be made up to 72 hours prior to the  confirmed event date but no later than 48 hours prior to the event date and will be charged accordingly under PCH’s fees and charges schedule


Perth Chef Hire’s quotes are based on the specific details provided by the client (or clients) and reserves the right to advise of any alterations, additions, changes, fees or charges to a previous quote, or existing booking, should the client change the nature of services required by PCH or the terms under which PCH is hired; either prior too, or during an event serviced by PCH. Please note: all initial quotes and future pricings are subject to review or change should the circumstances change under which PCH operates or PCH services are sought.


  • In the event of a cancellation up to 30 days prior to the confirmed event date, the twenty (20%) percent booking deposit will be returned in full. 
  • In the event of cancellation by you (the client) within thirty (30) days of the confirmed event date, but more than seven (7) days prior, you will forfeit your full deposit. 
  • If you cancel your booking within seven (7) days of the confirmed event date, you will forfeit the entire cost of your booking or any subsequent instalment for that event. 


If for any reason PCH is unable to fulfil their obligations due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be issued along with a discount for future bookings with Perth Chef Hire. All refunds are at the discretion of Perth Chef Hire.


Perth Chef Hire operates within the metropolitan area, (a 20km radius from the Perth CBD). Any and all bookings made outside our serviced area “may” incur charges at the rate of one (1) dollar per kilometre for travel both ways for each staff required and will be quoted as such. Perth Chef Hire will always advise at the time of your enquiry or at the time of booking if your event falls outside of our serviced area, and will provide you with an estimated travel charge for your event.


PCH is not currently licensed to provide or supply alcohol to any party under the Australia liquor licencing laws. Nor can it offer alcoholic beverages with its food packages. 


Perth Chef Hire’s services will commence and conclude at the agreed scheduled/tabled times. Extensions on the day beyond the agreed hours set out in this signed document may incur a charge of $40 per hour per PCH employee; “on site”. Sit down dinner and cocktail functions are typically based on a four (4) hour food service and any extensions to this time (or quantity of food required “on site”) needs to be prearranged or authorized with Perth Chef Hire (either prior too) or during the serviced event and will be charge accordingly.  PCH cannot guarantee extensions to an agreed time schedule on the date of an event, nor can it guarantee additional quantities of food should it be required on the date of an event. But will endeavour to do its best in providing the client with what they need outside of the agreement signed for in this document.


Perth Chef Hire accepts no responsibility for foods prepared, eaten or stored (and eaten by the clients their patrons or guests) after the conclusion of a food service for an event serviced by PCH. PCH does not recommend, (or condone) the eating of, or the storage of, foods prepared by PCH more than one (1) hour after a serviced event. All of Perth Chef Hires food is prepared on the day, with the exception of proteins that may require a slow cooking process of more than 24 hours following strict guidelines outlaid in the HACCP Guidelines Australia. It is totally at the digression and responsibility of the client, its patrons and guests, to store or consume food items prepared and provided by PCH during a PCH serviced event ‘after’ the conclusion of a PCH serviced event.


Clients and their guests are to conduct themselves in an orderly manner and in full compliance with Perth Chef Hire and Liquor Licensing Laws Australia. Perth Chef Hire is a boutique private catering service and not a licensed restaurant or premises. PCH reserves the right to refuse the service of alcohol as a part of our Duty of Care and Responsible Service of Alcohol requirements. 


By signing and returning our bookings form you agree:

  • to the costs and charges associated with PCH’s hire and the booking charges required to secure the date for your event at the time of booking. 
  • that you have been provided with a quote by PCH that you are happy with, and that the general quotation provided by PCH contains the total costs and charges for your event, ‘and’ a booking fee of 20% of the overall cost associated with PCH’s hire at the time of your initial enquiry.
  • that, should the circumstances around which PCH’s service are sought, (or hired), by either yourself, or other parties involved either prior to -  or during your scheduled event with PCH, you agree that the overall costs associated with your event may be subject to change.
  • that you have read the ‘T&C’s’ and the ‘TOS” PCH has outlined in this document and accept our T&C’s and our TOS on behalf of yourself and the guests who attend your event.